Roselis von Sass

The Unknown Babylon

Babylon was one of the most important cities of antiquity, known for its Hanging Gardens and the Tower of Babel. It was inhabited by a unique people: the Sumerians.

The Sumerians developed one of the earliest forms of writing: the cuneiform writing. They were highly knowledgeable in the fields of public administration, law, astronomy, agriculture, among others. Their advanced culture influenced several civilizations, playing a major role in the history of mankind.

The Unknown Babylon presents new insights into the life and culture of this people, their connection with Atlantis and the construction of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. The enchanting face of Babylon is also portrayed, with its festivals, temples, and streets, as well as the dark times, marked by the proliferation of cults of idolatry, especially the cult of Baal. Fascinating characters are revealed in an engaging narrative: Emengal, the great seer, the beautiful Maris Iamin, the wise young Alaparos, and the great king-priest of Ur, Min-Ani-Pad.

The Unknown Babylon speaks of a time of great affliction and change, when the Sumerians coexisted with the occupation of their capital by foreign groups, attracted by its magnificence, shaking the basis of their highly developed culture.


Roselis von Sass

Born in Austria, Roselis von Sass (1906 - 1997) spent her childhood in Europe, where she was educated. 

As a teenager she moved to Brazil, residing near São Paulo. 
To reveal the profound meaning of our existence and its many teachings has been the aim of this extraordinary writer. Since her early days, her sensitive soul has learned to differentiate between reality and appearances, and while still a girl she realized that: "It is not the place where we are, nor appearances that make us happy; happiness comes from the soul, from what the human being feels inside." 

Everything that has happened in the course of time has been registered and stored. Nothing has been lost. It can be said that human life, which began millions of years ago, has been filmed and will be preserved until all human fate has been fulfilled according to the Law of Divine Justice. 

As a remarkable characteristic of her personality, the authoress had the capacity to look into the past, and narrate the great web of events which were recorded in the great book of human life. 

Her diligent and fruitful life has always been guided by "Love," love for nature and all its creatures; love for human beings and, above all, a deep and faithful love for the Almighty Creator.