Roselis von Sass

The Birth of Mankind

The origin and formation of the human being! 

This question, even today, mankind has been unable to answer! 

Time and again many scientists have been engaged in this subject! Darwin presented the theory that man and the monkey have a common ancestor. However, such a statement lacks the effective strength of conviction, otherwise Darwin himself would not have continued searching for the missing link between man and this common ancestor. It is also hard to believe that man-according to the Bible, created after God's image-could have incarnated in an ape-like body. 

The logical supposition is, therefore, that an animal must have existed at an extraordinarily high stage of development, which bore all the capacities required for a human being to develop progressively on Earth. This book refers to these noble and highly developed animals-the Babais in an enlightening way. In her discourse about the first human beings, the author describes the cradles of mankind, the regions of origin and formation, in a remote time three million years ago. Yes, three million years ago! And, according to current scientific opinion, recent archaeological discoveries point to the origin of mankind on Earth as having occurred at a much more ancient time than previously had been admitted. 

These findings revolutionized current beliefs regarding the origin of mankind and prove the accuracy of the author's descriptions in this book.


Roselis von Sass

Born in Austria, Roselis von Sass (1906 - 1997) spent her childhood in Europe, where she was educated. 

As a teenager she moved to Brazil, residing near São Paulo. 
To reveal the profound meaning of our existence and its many teachings has been the aim of this extraordinary writer. Since her early days, her sensitive soul has learned to differentiate between reality and appearances, and while still a girl she realized that: "It is not the place where we are, nor appearances that make us happy; happiness comes from the soul, from what the human being feels inside." 

Everything that has happened in the course of time has been registered and stored. Nothing has been lost. It can be said that human life, which began millions of years ago, has been filmed and will be preserved until all human fate has been fulfilled according to the Law of Divine Justice. 

As a remarkable characteristic of her personality, the authoress had the capacity to look into the past, and narrate the great web of events which were recorded in the great book of human life. 

Her diligent and fruitful life has always been guided by "Love," love for nature and all its creatures; love for human beings and, above all, a deep and faithful love for the Almighty Creator.